The Party is Not Over – It Just Moved On

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The Party is Not Over – It Just Moved On

Date: Jul 4, 2020
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In The Aftermath Of B.C. (Before Covid-19)  Environmental and Community Activists Re-Build Relations With ‘Many Mini Miami Meet & Greets’  To Be Joined By Millions,  Live Streamed  On-Line. Remember the year 2020 B.C. (Before COVID) when your life was too hectic, running on the Hamster Wheel-Eating Fast Food on the Fly? The world was a buzzing hive of global frenetic activity.  

Does anyone doubt the world has just had a planetary time out? A time to Reflect?  You Survived, Awesome! There is no telling what the world will look like P.C.  This much is sure, we find ourselves in a more contemplative state.  A place where the only intrusions of late have been the constant pings, zooms, facetimes and emails, where virtual IS the new reality. 

It is time to wake up and get P.C.  For all those feeling pent up, confined and shack wacky, here is your invitation. It is time to steward our collective future. Illuminate our species. Domination is so yesterday. cette passe. If your view of life’s purpose is all too hazy, and you feel the world has gone crazy. Do you feel that change?  But unsure how you can make a difference? Meeting new friends and attending immersive events – making new connections (with substance) is an option. 

What better way to move on than celebrating World Rainforest Day,  International Day of the Tropics and Make Music Miami in association with Fete de la Musique , Art-Appatah Mural Debut by Iris Tattoo Artists , an all night mini Film Fest with a ‘Petite Dejeunier’ at dawn. Set up a stand at the Side Gig Artisan Market and a walkthrough of compact modular eco homes at Mia Pods in Pompano Beach.  This and more is set to unspool between June 21 and June 29, 2020 throughout South Florida’s  tri-counties to coincide with the Summer Solstice.  Let’s not forget Father’s Day, as well.    

Join , Participate, Volunteer or come as a guest.  June’s Many Mini Gatherings and live streamed Viral Events are set to unspool with media partners that include AdAvenueGroup/Forbes, IBM TV, twitch.tv, @EatUp.events and Midtown Miami Magazine, among them.  RSVP a must. Enhance your sense of purpose.  Empower. Strengthen. Meet strife head on. All in the name of fun.  Lift your spirit – the spark will return.  Substitute social distancing with social collaboration. 

Call today for details – Calendar of Many  Mini gatherings & how to participate or lend a hand contact:

C. Roget | Co-Founder

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