5 Hidden Gems in Miami Part 2

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5 Hidden Gems in Miami Part 2

Date: Mar 6, 2021
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Shh… can you keep a secret? We hope not! With so many things to do in Miami, there are endless possibilities of discovering hidden gems scattered across the city. You’ll need a secret password to enter a destination where the hearts of New York City and Miami Beach beat as one at Shh Lounge. Experience Miami’s cultural scene by the water at the Wharf and spill the “tea” at East Rooftop’s Tea Room. Check out the information bellow if you’re ready to uncover Miami’s hidden gems where a password or two may be needed.

things to do in miami: 5 hidden gems in miami part 2
Photo courtesy of Shh Lounge

Shh… Lounge

Enter a destination where the streets and alleyways of New York City clash with Miami Beach’s tropical atmosphere. Miami’s worst kept secret, the Shh Lounge paints the scene you’ve been looking for. Hidden behind an inconspicuous wall of literature, with the right password you’ll be granted access to step into the threshold where the ambiance of grunge and sophistication clash. If you’ve ever wanted to be in two places at one, Shh Lounge is the gem worth discovering. Heres a hint, the clue is on their website.

Shh… Lounge
60 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 900-7371

Coral Castle

things to do in miami
Photo courtesy of Coral Castle

Take a trip to Stonehenge in Miami’s backyard at Coral Castle, a sculpture garden in stone. Built in secrecy during the night, it is still a mystery as to why Edward Leedskalnin secretly carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock. Discover the unusual concepts and step into an enchanting museum and witness the enthusiasm behind Ed’s accomplishments. The Coral Castle remains an everlasting and puzzling mystery to those who explore it. Transport back in time and see if you can unveil the mystery Ed crafted into the stones.

Coral Castle
28655 S Dixie Hwy,
Homestead, FL 33033
(305) 248-6345

Photo courtesy of The Wharf

The Wharf

Looking for special events and things to do in Miami? Then experience the outdoor pop-up event location, The Wharf. Anchored on the historic Miami River, enter a space that is all about shaping the city’s cultural atmosphere with live music, cocktails, eats and good times. Enjoy a dynamic ambiance with lounge seating on a wooden deck and indulge in local culinary and festivals happening all year long. Coming up in October, experience Wharfotberfest and celebrate riverside style!

The Wharf
114 SW North River Dr
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 906-4000

things to do in miami: 5 hidden gems in miami part 2
Photo courtesy of City of Coral Gables

Venetian Pool

Escape reality and dive into the Venetian Pool, a tropical getaway inside a historic location. This must swim location also features two lookout towers so you can take in the beauty of Miami’s scenery. Relax under majestic waterfalls and travel along a bridge across the crystal waters for an aquatic experience unlike any other in the country. Lounge or swim and encounter something truly unforgettable with the community.

Venetian Pool
2701 De Soto Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134

things to do in miami: 5 hidden gems in miami part 2
Photo courtesy of Inside the Tea Room

Tea Room

A well-kept secret hidden in East Miami, is a lounge that’s 40 floors above ground. Discover the Tea Room and experience a lounge unlike any other with a breathtaking 180-degree view of Miami’s Downtown and the heart of Brickell. With one of the best brunches in South Florida, enjoy a five-course meal and endless bubbly champagne. Spill the tea over signature cocktails and Asian cuisine while in the sky as you look out of floor to window ceilings.

Tea Room
788 Brickell Plaza
Miami, FL 33131
(786) 805-4655

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking to keep a secret or not, you’ll be stepping into these locations wanting to spill your discoveries with everyone. You may need a hint or clue, but this is just the beginning of what hidden experiences are waiting to be discovered inside Miami. So when looking for fun things to do in Miami, eventsplaces to go or unique experiences make sure to check in with MMM or download our free things to do in Miami app MMM LIVE.

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