A Day in the Design District

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Things To Do In Miami: A Day in the Design District

A Day in the Design District

Date: Mar 20, 2023
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Its no secret that Miami Design District is full of the best shopping, culture, food, and design! The art deco and architecture is one that calls you to spend an entire day in it’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere with plenty of things to do in Miami. In this glamorous neighborhood, you’ll find hidden gems like Miami’s newest home for innovative art at the Institute of Contemporary Art, along with popular Chef Brad Kilgore’s newest hot spot, Ember Miami. While spending a day in the Design District, you’ll be able to explore and discover the unity between art, fashion, and architecture. Check out the information bellow to enter a neighborhood full of creative experiences.

Things To Do In Miami: A Day In the Design District
Photo courtesy of ICA Miami

Institute of Contemporary Art

ICA Miami is a growing platform for the showcase of local, emerging, and under-recognized artists! Located in the Design District, this museum offers a calendar that is full of exhibitions, events, and programs for the entire community. Offering free admission all year long, the museum is extremely dedicated to granting public access to artistic greatness. This place is excellent if you’re looking for things to do in Miami that involve supporting local artists and diving into a creative experience.

ICA Miami
61 NE 41st St
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 901-5272


Things To Do In Miami: A Day in the Design District
Photo Courtesy of Ember Miami

Ember Miami

Highly acclaimed Chef Brad Kilgore strikes again with another newly opened restaurant. Popular for his other locations Kaido and Brava, Ember Miami sits right in the heart of Miami’s Design District! Ember Miami is all about playing with fire in their wood-fired inspired dishes and a wine list that features a selection of about 100 wines. This American bistro is sure to have you inspired with not only Kilgore’s critic buzzing cuisine, but it’s art deco architecture.

Ember Miami
151 NE 41st St Suite 117
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 334-6494

Things To Do In Miami: A Day in the Design District
Photo courtesy of Miami Design District

Miami Design District

This neighborhood has claimed its spot as one of the most popular things to do in Miami with pop-up shops, cafés and much more. The destination is perfect for a day full of luxury shopping, culinary and art indulgence. As you stroll through some the biggest names in fashion and design, you can’t miss the historic architecture that surrounds the entire district and blooms the area into life. Community events happen all year long that welcome you to the neighborhood and allow you to experience the creative culture that Miami Design District offers. This locale is one that you won’t want to leave, but will want to share through social media.

Miami Design District
3841 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, Florida 33137
(305) 722-7100

Wrap Up

A day in the Design District will surely leave you an authentic Miami experience. Visiting places like these that support local rising artists, experiencing cuisine in the heart of design, and feeling welcomed by the Miami Design District is what makes Miami so special. These PlacesEvents, and Experiences gives someone a true understanding of what makes this city truly authentic. So when looking for fun things to do in Miami, places to go or unique experiences that can only be found in Miami make sure to check in on MMM or download our free things to do in Miami app MMM LIVE.

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