Thrifter App Taking over Wynwood & Midtown

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Thrifter App Taking over Wynwood & Midtown

Date: Jan 26, 2021
Author: Dimarco Barea 569 No Comments

What is Thrifter?

Thrifter represents the joining of a lifestyle and a passion. It’s the combination of both a compulsion to strike bargains and a love for fashionable items and the elimination of waste. Thrifter is at the center of these two worlds, creating a trendy spot for shoppers to purchase recycled items and clothing at affordable prices. In terms of its operation, Thrifter is a thrift store that offers customers the opportunity to purchase brand-name clothing at a fraction of retail value and also offers consignment services for those who wish to clear out their closets. But Thrifter is much more than just that. It’s a lifestyle. The notion of creating an eco-friendly world is at the heart of Thrifter’s efforts.

Where did you get the idea for Thrifter?

We have been Thrifters for our entire lives! Getting great deals on the items we’ve wanted has driven the vast majority of our purchases. From yard sale hunting to waiting for the best offers on the items we want, the idea for Thrifter has always been there, but only recently realized. We believe that everyone, in their own way, enjoys the sense of savings. And the possibility of converting unwanted goods into money is also a source of enjoyment. These are the two pillars of Thrifter. So with a bit of organizing and determination, we set out to create a store that offers these services to a wider public.

What is Thrifter’s connection to Wynwood Miami?

Wynwood has become an incredible melting pot of art, music, fashion, and people.  We love the atmosphere that this mixture creates. It feels liberating. Being surrounded by unique art street after street is a constant source of inspiration. It reminds us how we, as people, can come together and create wonderful things that benefit the world around us. This creates a unique connection between Thrifter and Wynwood that hits the core of what we’ve set out to create. At Wynwood’s Art Walk festival, a monthly event that showcases tents/booths from local vendors, music, and lots of food, Thrifter hosts a tent to better-service the local community. And it’s been a great success. Wynwood Art Walk is definitely an event that we look forward to every month.

What are your thoughts on the Midtown Miami?

Midtown Miami has proven to be one of the fastest growing and trendiest areas in the city. Its growth spurt is similar to the meat-packing district of New York, but here in Miami. We love when communities in our city begin to grow and flourish, while at the same time providing an identity for Miami.

What are Your Top 5 Places to Shop in Wynwood/Midtown Miami?

Tough question to answer! With so many locations sprouting, it’s difficult to choose. But there are definitely a handful that we take time to visit: Bargain Barn, Elemental, Scotch & Soda, Del Toro and Give Good Works.

Where do you see Thrifter in the next 2 Years?

Just as the communities around us have been expanding, we definitely see some room for expansion with respect to Thrifter in the next two years. Our vision of Thrifter includes a retail space that offers everything we showcase online at a physical store. More than anything, this would offer the greatest convenience to our customers, allowing them to visit and handle our thrifted goods in person. We’re currently planning to open a temporary shop that will specifically cater to our consignment services, making it much easier for potential consigners to have their items evaluated and collected. There will be some thrifted goods available for purchase, too.

Internally, we would like to see our team grow as well. We’re always looking for like-minded, hardworking individuals that are willing to put in the time and energy to help Thrifter grow. It’s a lot of work to get a start-up company up and running. We have managed so far, but as we expand externally, we will look forward to making additions to our team.

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