Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Miami to Explore

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Miami to Explore

Date: Jan 24, 2021
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Moving to Miami is a fantastic opportunity to catch some sunshine and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. However, what you don’t want to do is visit many tourist destinations. Besides being more expensive, you will constantly be in a crowd bumping with people. That is not a way to have some fun unless you are in a club! With that in mind, let’s talk about how to act more like a local and what top 10 outdoor activities in Miami to explore after your relocation!

1. Barbeque dinner in Miami is a must!

As soon as you start making new friends, one of the top 10 outdoor activities in Miami to explore is a tasty BBQ dinner at The Beefer. Miami is known for good food, so make sure to try a new dish every day.

Another thing I can happily recommend is tasting street food in Miami. If you are having a hard time deciding what to eat, Cuban sandwiches are always a safe choice!

2. Venetian Pool experience

Even though you probably can’t wait to hit one of many beaches in Miami, the excitement will go down after a while. Instead, you should have an amazing experience swimming in the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables.

Cave-like grottos hold over 800,000 gallons of fresh water which is replaced every day. After you cool yourself down with a swimming and snorkeling session, you can relax under palm trees while drinking your favorite cocktail.

Caption: Even though Miami offers a plethora of silky-sand beaches, Venetian Pool offers a more unique experience!

Alt: A beach in Miami.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the sight of two beautiful waterfalls.

3. Outdoor sports activities in Miami

Once your relocation is done and you unpack, do not just store your sports gear immediately. You will have plenty of time for that. Instead, use the nice weather, go outside, and exercise.

Out of all the outdoor sports activities in Miami, you will have the most fun at the David T. Kenedy Park. An outdoor gym and a volleyball field are everything you need for a sports day outside.

Furthermore, if you are an avid golf lover, you will discover there is a plethora of golf courses everywhere around you.

4. Tropical Park adventure

Spending a day in Tropical Park is an experience to remember. This is another location for people looking to play different types of sports. You can participate in basketball and racquetball matches, go for a run, exercise, play soccer, do some boxing, or even practice baseball stances. Best of all, it is dog-friendly, so if you can bring your furry best friend with you!

5. Explore the Everglades National Park

Imagine this situation – an airboat tour starts at the Everglades National Park. You are taken above ground, over the swamplands. As the airboat slowly finds its way through mangrove tunnels and vast grasslands, you get to enjoy the fantastic view from above. As an element of excitement, you will see a lot of gators bellow you. Make sure to stay in the airboat!

Caption: Visiting the Everglades in Miami is an experience no one should miss.

Alt: A fantastic view of the clouds above the Everglades.

6. Nightlife in Miami

I can’t really talk about the top 10 outdoor activities in Miami to explore without mentioning nightlife in Miami. Even though I said that hitting the beach might become a bit dull after some time, we have a whole other situation when the sun goes down. You can find clubs on the beach where the party lasts till dawn.

If that is not enough, be sure not to miss Miami Music Week. That is a 24/7 no-sleep music experience that you must be a part of.

7. Key Biscayne Lighthouse at dawn

After a fun night full of parties and excitement, take your friends and head out to see Key Biscayne Lighthouse at dawn. The view is mesmerizing, and it is a perfect way to calm yourself and relax after partying all night.

Furthermore, you can also take the time to go see the Lighthouse at sunset. These are two completely different experiences.

8. Snorkeling adventure

Miami coast offers a plethora of fantastic places for snorkeling. You can book group excursions every day, or go for a private session if that option is more to your liking.

Caption: Snorkeling along the coast of Miami is an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Alt: A girl snorkeling.

Florida Straits Reef is a 220-mile-long barrier reef, the longest one in North America. Besides Biscayne National Park, this is one of the prime locations for any snorkeling adventure you might wish for. The entire shore of Miami has an abundance of different types of fish, corals, and other sea creatures for you to explore.

9. It’s time for shopping

Any shopaholics who would like to spend a couple of bucks on designer clothing or other nice things can head out to the Design District. This shopping area is filled with high-end luxury shops of all the world’s most famous brands:

  • Louis Viton
  • Cartier
  • Dior
  • Hermes, etc.

To take a break from shopping, you can grab something to eat or drink in many restaurants and bars throughout the district.

10. Have a sweet tooth? Do not miss this!

If you are anything like me, you can agree that there is nothing better on a hot day than cold, sweet ice cream! Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream and a plethora of ice cream trucks you can see around the city are more than enough to meet all of your needs. There is no better way to refresh yourself once the Sun reaches its highest peak during the day.

Make every day different from the previous one!

Do not allow that these top 10 outdoor activities in Miami to explore stop you from discovering other interesting events! Live every day in a different way, and experience everything that Miami has to offer! Music, food, nightlife, sunny beaches, and interesting people is what makes Miami what it is today!

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