Top 4 Destinations in the United States for Conscientious Travelers

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Top 4 Destinations in the United States for Conscientious Travelers

Date: Apr 1, 2023
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Traveling around the USA does not always cost a lot, but it is always wonderful and brings new feelings. There are at least ten extraordinarily cheap places with colorful landscapes, different things to do even for free, and a possibility to have a meal out up to $20 per day in inexpensive restaurants for a tight travel budget. So don’t deny yourself a booking for a new trip – check seven cheap vacation spots in the article and start making plans right away. 

Miami, Florida


Yes, visiting Miami on a budget is a feasible task. This specific atmosphere is soaked in every corner of the city, so you won’t miss something if you don’t go to the Lapis Spa or explore the Japanese at Zuma. Happy hour makes a tremendous difference in the prices, and many bars and restaurants offer them and provide a possibility to treat yourself to cheap delicacies, even oysters, for 95 cents. 

By the way, you can get them in Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supplies Company with $5 beer and $6 cocktails. In El Patio Wynwood, beers are easy to find for $1 per one. And that’s only two offerings, but there’s a lot more. Free things to do are also available – learn salsa for free during a weekly event in Ball&Chain club called Little Havana Under the Stars or take a sunbath on South Beach. 

The best way for transportation, and the most convenient, is rental cars. First, a car rental in Miami saves your time, comfort, and money. Road trips have been a popular way to travel in the United States for a long because it provides complete freedom. No baggage fee, no long queues in the check-desk, no restricted directions – and the list is long. 

Moreover, that’s an excellent opportunity to save on a group trip with 12 passenger van rental in Miami. Van rental allows to separate the total cost and decrease the personal expenses. Rent a car and grab all the facilities that make your trip comfortable and unstressful. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A historical paradise that shifts to the past without time machines. Mostly, sites are opened for free, including signature objects. For example, Independence Hall, where the declaration was adopted, the United States Mint with a vast exhibition collection and secrets of making coins, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. That’s not all, but necessary for the first visit. 

Accommodation options are safe and inexpensive. The cheapest hotel room is $30. But if you are looking for a more affordable option, a hostel for $15 will be suitable. Don’t worry that you can’t find something – the locals are friendly and talkative. In that case, the city of Brotherly Love is considered one of the best solo travel destinations. Thus it is challenging to not have fun here, even alone. 

Los Angeles, California

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/02/07/16/49/philadelphia-261125_960_720.jpg Lesser-known neighborhoods abound with excellent bargains everywhere. Time also matters – off-season tripping in LA is really cost-effective, and you can afford much more on a budget trip. 

The last hack is to act as citizens – eat delicious hot meals in Chinatown, use public transportation – it is an insanely cheap day pass for $7 or universal card TAP. Spend at least one day at the beach and walk a lot. Go to the Hollywood sign, explore Runyon Canyon with your dog, attend LA’s art scene and try art activities for free every 2nd Thursday. Click here for another ten detailed tips. 

Spend a night at Holly Crest Hotel; their prices start from $46 – it is profitable and available. If you like experiments – try to catch a piece of luck and grab the last-minute offer with the HotelTonight app.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, the state’s capital, is rightly considered one of the gorgeous destinations for a fall vacation. The beauty of this city strikes, and it is easy to see, observing the whole panorama from Capitol Hill. That must be the first thing to do when you arrive. Romantic people will love that place, full of gardens, museums, and nice-looking buildings. On the other hand, if you want to learn something new and your purpose is educational, you are also welcome. 

The Family History Library locates the most extensive genealogy library in the world – learn new facts about ancestors and spend time usefully – interesting reading addicts from the first minute. For aesthetic pleasure, we advise you to take a free Tour Temple Square, which conducts in 40 languages and tells the story of Mormon pioneers while demonstrating the landmarks, reflecting pool, and incredible gardens with blooming tulips or unique lights on holidays. 

The daily budget will cost less than $90 per person, excluding accommodation. On this site, you can make more accurate calculations.   


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