Water Sports Can Be A Real Treat If You Know Where To Practise Them

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Water Sports Can Be A Real Treat If You Know Where To Practise Them

Date: Jun 9, 2023
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Water activities are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also taking in a natural beauty that the water has to offer. Fortunately, there are many locations on our beautiful planet where you can engage in water activities and have a lot of fun, making you want to return and attempt the experience again and again. In addition to being great locations for water activities, these locations frequently provide magnificent landscapes, unspoiled wildlife, and fantastic memories to cherish forever. To that end, read our helpful guide concerning the many locations you ought to go to in order to try out and take pleasure in water activities.

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Tofino, Canada

Tofino, in Canada, is close by and seems to be a surfing utopia. The remote community on Vancouver Island’s west coast boasts a special, tranquil vibe and a natural setting. The beach hosts important competitions a couple of times a year and draws athletes from all over the world. For Canadian surfers, Tofino is the “greatest surfing destination in North America” and a renowned training ground. This location should be at the top of every surfing enthusiast’s bucket list due to its numerous beaches and excellent waves.

Jaws, Hawaii

The name of the iconic surfing spot, Jaws, says volumes about the power and magnitude of its waves. In fact, the waves are so large that locals formerly believed it was impossible to surf them. Today, Jaws serves as both a testing ground and a surfing paradise for skilled surfers, and it is certain to give you a tremendous adrenaline boost.

Tsurigasaki Beach, Japan

Tsurigasaki Beach has long been a popular venue for professional surfing events. With a length of 60 kilometers, Tsurigasaki is the second-longest beach in Japan. Surfers may virtually always ride some of the world’s most spectacular waves at the beach, in addition to its gorgeous sunsets.

Paddle Boarding

Oahu, Hawaii

There are many fantastic locations on Oahu, but Sunset Beach on the north shore stands out because it is well-known for its large wave surfing in the winter and hosts some of the biggest surfing competitions in the world. However, the water is much calmer here in the summer, so if you’re wondering where to go paddle boarding, this is the location for you. Also, you may paddle the four miles from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay. This stretch of flat water is ideal since it is simple to access and has few waves.

Lake Tahoe, California

The greatest way to see Lake Tahoe’s amazing natural splendor is through quiet activities like paddleboarding. The north shore is good because it is frequently calm, smooth seas. Boarding around the lake’s 72 miles of coastline provides a close-up experience that other kinds of watercraft just can’t compare. If you’re a novice, go in the morning or early evening when the lake is calmest and breezes are usually the lightest.



Since the very beginning of human habitation in Greenland, kayaking has been a popular mode of transportation. There are several businesses today that let tourists hire cutting-edge kayaks. Great sights, including icebergs, northern towns, whales, and numerous species, may be seen along the stunning shoreline. Kajak rentals are available practically everywhere across Greenland, and this opportunity offers a wholly genuine experience, stunning vistas, and an enjoyable outdoor activity.

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Soča River, Slovenia

One of Slovenia’s most well-known natural features is the Soča River, which flows through the picturesque Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps. Its ability to maintain its vibrant blue hue over its whole length is another outstanding and unique quality. The natural marvel draws a lot of explorers, and kayaking and fishing are the two most popular water sports in this area. The best season to travel is during the summer because the winter can be chilly and difficult.


Tara River, Montenegro

The Tara River carves the second-longest and deepest canyon in the world as well as the longest canyon in Europe, known as the “Grand Canyon of Europe.” It is a component of Durmitor National Park and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has stunning alpine beauty and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tully River, Australia

The Tully River, with its challenging class 3 and 4 rapids that plunge through breathtaking world heritage rainforest, is considered to be the best whitewater rafting river in Australia.

Swimming with Sharks

Nassau, Bahamas

You can discover Caribbean reef sharks underwater at Stuart’s Cove in the Bahamas. Even though you will be near the sharks’ feeding area, nothing will be fed to them. This helps you understand how they might behave in the wild. On the second dive, though, you will have the upper hand since you will be in charge of the feeding and will be able to feed the animals. 

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico, has the highest number of whale sharks. The whale shark, which may weigh more than 27,000 pounds, is the biggest fish in the ocean. They frequently swim alongside manta rays, and while they’re eating on the surface, you may get up close and personal with both of these creatures. You have the option of swimming with them or staying in a cage while you float and watch.


Cebu, Philippines

One of the top locations in the world for canyoneering is Cebu, Philippines. Due to its blue waters and exhilarating leaps, Kawasan Falls, in particular, is a well-liked location for the activity. Kawasan Falls is the ideal place for novices because of the shallow gorges and the lack of abseiling equipment. You may locate tour guides and authorized companies providing group or individual canyoning tours close to the river’s starting site. There are also life jackets and helmets available.

Zion National Park, USA

In addition to being one of the best places for rock climbing, Zion National Park is among the top places in the United States for canyoning. As you climb and rappel down beautiful canyons, take in the spectacular scenery. Beginners and professionals can choose from a variety of routes in Zion National Park according to their degree of fitness. 

If you like water activities and want to have the finest experience possible, we hope this article will be useful. Go and enjoy water activities at one of the many beautiful and gorgeous locations the planet has to offer.

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