What Makes Expo Marketing Better Than Other Marketing Businesses

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What Makes Expo Marketing Better Than Other Marketing Businesses

Date: Aug 13, 2020
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If you are in need of a wonderful company that will create the best trade show display then ExpoMarketing is the company for you. The experiences that they create on the floor of trade shows are impossible to forget. Their company has designers that are very experienced and are experts in their field and they are their methods are very advanced and original. The project management services that they provide are the best in their field and they will make your trade show experience a very comfortable and relaxing experience. They also have a customer service team that will do anything they can to help their customers.

Along with all of these great benefits ExpoMarketing works with you during every part of the design and creation of your trade show display process. They look forward to hearing your input and ideas so they can make your display exactly what you want and so it can meet the needs of your business. Part of this process is them asking for your budget for your trade show project and what you require for your project. ExpoMarketing has a team of experts that will direct you to make wise choices and ensure that what you require are aligned with your trade show goals. Another thing that makes them stand out from other trade show marketing companies is that they stage all of their client’s trade show booths so that they can see them in person or by video conference, whichever is easiest for them.

Another thing that sets ExpoMarketing apart from other trade show marketing companies is that they are owned by women. It is an honor for them to be Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Platinum Certified. Since this company is so passionate about having powerful women in the world of work, they partnered up with Kathy Ireland Worldwide that includes Kathy Ireland exclusive licensing and a signature line. Kathy Ireland and ExpoMarketing are working together to create high-quality products that are tailored to the dominant Kathy Ireland brand and great-looking works of art to provide solutions for business people all around the world.

If a traditional trade show display is not for you, then ExpoMarketing also has pop-up displays that you can purchase. They come in a great variety of arrangements of elements and display models. These displays can be put together by one person and you can assemble them without any tools. They also come with a durable and mobile travel case. Lightboxes are another way that ExpoMarketing show off your business and/or products during a trade show. They create attention-grabbing displays with “energy saving LED illumination.”

Unlike other companies, that work together and just go home, the people that work for ExpoMarketing are a family. As a family, they also treat their clients like a member of the family. During their twenty years as a company, they have created 3,017 trade show displays. As an award-winning company and fabrication house, they work with clients that have businesses of all sizes from brand-new startup companies, small to medium-sized businesses, to large Fortune 500 companies. No matter what size your company is, they look forward to working with you to create the best trade show display that your company will ever have.

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