Who is the Bartender?

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Who is the Bartender?

Date: Jul 4, 2020
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“The bar is the grandest stage in the world and the bartender brings it to life every night!” – Harry Denton

On average, we may get about an hour of your time during a ten-hour shift; but, there’s more to us than meets the eye. On any given day, we can be your best friend, your teacher, a judge, a therapist, a coach, a  security guard. We are more than happy to craft you a beverage at the end of your long shift and the beginning of ours, but have you considered who exactly the artisan is behind your favorite libations?

By Definition

Bartenders are people who mix and serve drinks, but we equate it to so much more than that. We are artists; our craft knows no bounds. We go by many names – bar chef, mixologist, tapster, restoration specialist, and cocktailian – there are endless monikers we have gone by in our illustrious history; much of this is to be expected as our craft can be dated back to at least 10,000 years. As long as people have been drinking, we have been crafting, passing down our recipes and techniques over time. We don’t simply mix drinks at a bar and serve them: we create experiences. Highlighted  as rock stars of our community.
the art of bartending

A Bartender’s Passion

A bartender’s passion is not only fueled by the endless pursuit of cocktail culture and knowledge but by the very guest’s we share experiences with. Our encounters with people can provide the needed momentum to change their outlook on life.  It is programmed in the very roots of our bartender/consumer relationship itself that we lift the weight from your shoulders, even if for a short period in time. It’s truly one of the best feelings we could feel as bartenders. The reactions we receive from our guests make our work all worthwhile, addicting even. We strive for exceptional hospitality and  to produce high-quality cocktails that fit a guest’s desire. This, in turn, feeds our great addiction — the daily urge of seeing a guest’s reaction and change in character after the first sip of a cocktail crafted by someone who, for a brief moment, knows you better than you know yourself.

Bartenders Create Works of Art

Not only through taste and smell but through the presentation. The next time your favorite bartender serves you a cocktail, take a moment to analyze the gift created. It’s as simple as how the garnish was carved. Appreciate how perfect your rim of salt sits at the head of your margarita or how the layers of mint and lime in your mojito seem to dance its way up the glass.  Through our creations, we spread our love and passion.

Flaming Old Fashioned

Spreading the love through cocktails is still a gift of some significance to those seeking a little escape from life’s day-to-day rigors. – The Modern Mixologist

The knowledge of recipes and creation of art is only half of the big picture. Bartenders possess the skill and talent to adapt to any environment. We must not only present our cocktails with an uncanny regard to detail but consider the connection required with the person we are presenting to. Without said connection we ultimately achieve nothing. We must be able to CONNECT so that the consumer can DISCONNECT from the world. A bar is a place to escape the real world. Wherever your journey may take you, a bartender will be there ready to lift your spirits.

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