Wynwood Miami Street Quote Artists (The Hoy Polloy)

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Wynwood Miami Street Quote Artists (The Hoy Polloy)

Date: Feb 1, 2023
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Wynwood Miami is arguably the artistic crux of culture, art and music in Miami. A place where street art meets fine galleries amidst a local craft beer and a pork belly taco from a food truck (if you know, you know). As a continuation of our #WynwoodWednesdays series we interviewed a local artist who expresses themselves through placing vibrant words (and images) on the city streets of Wynwood. The biggest shock to us was that this was no average writer plastering prose on concrete but a music band that felt it needed to express itself through yet another artistic channel. The band/writers is called The Hoy Polloy and this is their story…

Why did your band begin doing street poetry in Wynwood Miami?

“Wynwood Miami is at the forefront of all the cultural change in Miami. This city is coming into a new awakening, new ideas are flowing, rapidly, & even the sidewalks are talking. We were inspired by our predecessors and decided to add fuel to the fire. What better platform than the piece of land uniting us all . We have designs that were created for the very people walking on the sidewalks with their head down.”

Do you see yourselves as poets and writers or a band or both?

“We are a band. Four individuals with different styles collectively displaying our own character. It’s all connected in a way, we just constantly use different creative outlets to express our ideas.”

What are your 3 favorite places in Wynwood?

“Without question Wood Tavern (shout out to Nicole & Natasha! You girls are shining stars!), Coyo Taco has amazing food; the owner is a real down to earth dude and their speakeasy tequila bar has some rare finds. Lastly, Brick House has a real cool concept that we would like to see grow. Truthfully, it’s impossible to limit yourself to three options in Wynwood Miami. We even frequently visit the bar that ignores our demands to perform on their stage. It’s all LOVE.”

Do you see a difference between Wynwood and Midtown Miami?

“The difference is clear. Midtown is the food court for Wynwood’s Mall of Truth.”

What inspires the music you make?

“The music we make is inspired by us seeking truth. Something that cannot be explained; a feeling you get only when you open that realm.”

What exciting news does The Hoy Polloy have to share with their Fans?

“We just recently released our 2nd in a series of 4 EPs named “Ferret Winter”, a true showcase of our range. The first single, “Houdini”, has a music video reaching 19k views with our second single “Centerfold” preparing itself for Its YouTube debut by the end of April. Right on time for our highly anticipated return to the stage at Wynwood Life ’15 on the 24th day of April at 7PM! Most importantly, The Hoy Polloy is leaving the nest in the months of July and August for their very first tour, “D.I.Y. or DIE”.”

Where do you see The Hoy Polloy in 3 Years?

The Hoy Polloy for the rest of its years will be doing exactly the same thing since its conception; making awesome music with a sincere message. Needless to say, it would be nice to see ourselves at a large round table amongst our loved ones sipping on Chateau Pétrus ’61 nibbling on 20oz Chateaubriand topped with 5lb. Maine Lobster after ripping the stage for 80,000 fans.
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