Your Next Trip Will Be In Your Mind

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Your Next Trip Will Be In Your Mind

Date: Apr 1, 2023
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If there has ever been anything more analogous to life in a tightly packaged microcosm – it would have to be the experience of traveling. The journey we take over a weekend jaunt, a week-long retreat, or perhaps even a month long pilgrimage can very well mirror the life we are living – or the life we wish to live. Since the beginning of time humankind’s necessity for survival was matched by its willingness to adventure into hunting for sustenance outside the cave – or being sustained for comfort inside the cave. In the same way today’s mainstream conversations around sustainable and regenerative travel as a form of self-development lead us to discover, design, and participate in equally similar internal and external journeys.

Travel styles have evolved past the external destination activities and now integrate awareness for the psychological experience of the ‘explorer’. Nowhere can we better cite this than the work of associations like the Transformational Travel Council and the work of tour operators like Explorer-X. But what ultimately resonates with this author is the active development of personalized travel that tap into the modern explorers relationship to control and surrender.

In a recent interview with Michael Bennett Ed.D. I learned how this modern tourism demand has re-directed his effort away from fancy tentpole experiences where an individual lives vicariously through a figure from history or literature opting to create a more bespoke experience that takes into account both the inner and outer journey of his clients. Moreover, this approach now extends beyond the return from the journey, and continues indefinitely with his team helping you live better post-travel. Listen to the full interview and get an in-depth adventure into the world of the man and his team who navigates your mind to craft a travel experience that could most likely change your life – forever.

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