GGA Gallery – Current And Past Exhibitions

The Goldman Global Arts Gallery, nestled within Wynwood Walls, displays works from over 100 leading global street artists.

Co-founder Peter Tunney curates the collection, which includes current and former artists associated with Wynwood Walls, showcased through various solo and group exhibitions.

Renowned artists such as Eduardo Kobra, VHILS, and Shepard Fairey have featured their work here.

Currently, the gallery is presenting the group show “The Power of Purpose.”

Established in 2016 by Jessica Goldman Srebnick and Peter Tunney in Miami and New York, Goldman Global Arts is dedicated to street and public art.

This gallery is an integral part of their creative collective, which has been curcial in transforming Miami’s urban landscape by using art to inspire and connect communities in innovative ways.

Its aim is to reshape how people interact with and perceive the spaces around them.

Current Exhibition – The Power of Purpose

Running from November 24, 2023, to November 29, 2024.

The current exhibition at the GGA Gallery in Miami showcases a compelling assortment of works by a diverse group of contemporary artists, each contributing uniquely to the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

This exhibition, featuring a wide range of media and artistic expressions, not only highlights the individual talents and messages of the artists but also reflects broader social and cultural themes that resonate within the vibrant urban landscape of Miami.

Here’s a closer look at four of artists and their impact:

1. Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is renowned for his impactful, politically charged works that blend street art with a fine art aesthetic. His mixed media compositions, such as “No More Bias” (2020) and “Just Future Rising, Version 4” (2021), use a combination of stencil, silkscreen, and collage on canvas.

Fairey’s work often addresses themes of advocacy and social justice, resonating with Miami’s diverse and politically aware audience.

His iconic style, characterized by bold, graphic imagery, and often a limited color palette, not only draws attention but also provokes discussion on societal issues, thereby enriching Miami’s cultural dialogue.

2. Leon Keer

Leon Keer

Leon Keer is known for his three-dimensional artworks that challenge perceptions and encourage viewer interaction.

Works like “Nearly Extinct” (2023) and “Pole Position” (2023) are made from materials like polyester painted sculpture, which Keer uses to create lifelike and often surreal installations.

His art plays with perspective and is often thematically centered on environmental and social issues.

By bringing these topics into public spaces, Keer’s work has a profound effect on Miami’s cultural landscape, encouraging viewers to engage with and reflect on pressing global concerns.

3. The London Police

The London Police

The duo known as The London Police showcases a distinctive style featuring clean lines and charismatic Lads characters, which have become a hallmark of their identity.

Their pieces like “Robot Tanksy No. 6 Rides A Dog” (2018) and “Numbers and Letters United” (2023) blend acrylic paint and indelible ink on Brussels linen, creating a narrative that is both playful and meticulously detailed.

Their works contribute to the playful yet reflective nature of street art in Miami, providing both locals and tourists with whimsical yet thought-provoking public art experiences.

4. Defer


Defer is acclaimed for his intricate, flowing scripts and vibrant abstract patterns.

His paintings, such as “Mystical Essence” (2023) and “Divine Angels” (2023), often incorporate elements of traditional graffiti with a spiritual and introspective twist.

Using acrylic on canvas, Defer’s art is a visual representation of voice and rhythm, echoing Miami’s diverse cultural roots and its dynamic urban energy.

His contributions significantly enrich the city’s visual and cultural diversity, making street art accessible and intellectually engaging.

5. Ron English

Ron English

Ron English is an artist who doesn’t shy away from the bold and the bizarre. His art, which often delves into American pop culture and iconography, is both surreal and striking.

Take “Alien with Teletubby Brain” (2023) and “Expressionist Temper Tot” (2023), for instance.

These pieces mix grotesque elements with a sharp critique of consumerism, using vivid colors and unexpected contrasts to capture our attention.

Ron’s work invites us to think twice about the everyday media and advertising that surround us, adding a layer of thoughtful critique to Miami’s bustling art scene.

6. Abstrk


Local artist Abstrk really brings the essence of Miami to life through his vibrant and abstract creations.

His artwork “Full Moon” (2023), for example, combines fiberglass, spray enamel, acrylic, and graphite to capture the dynamic and colorful vibe of the city.

Abstrk’s roots in graffiti and street art shine through, and his contributions help tell Miami’s story on its very walls.

His works do more than just beautify; they keep the pulse of Miami’s vibrant art world beating strongly.

7. MiLLO


MiLLO creates large-scale murals that are more than just art; they’re invitations to introspection. His pieces like “Floating Imagination” and “Work In Progress” (both 2023) feature minimalist black and white designs with just a splash of color to draw out deep emotional layers.

These murals aren’t just for show—they encourage those who see them to pause and reflect on their own lives and relationships.

MiLLO’s work adds a layer of depth and contemplation to the energetic streets of Miami.

8. Vhils (Alexandre Farto)

Vhils (Alexandre Farto)

Vhils has a unique way of turning city walls into stunning portraits through his skilled bas-relief carvings. In works like “Scrape Series #20” and “Frayed Series #01” (both 2023), he carves through layers of old advertising posters to reveal hauntingly beautiful faces.

His technique isn’t just visually impressive—it’s a commentary on the transient, layered nature of urban life itself.

By bringing out the hidden histories of the city, Vhils adds a historical dimension to Miami’s modern facade, making us all more aware of the stories etched into its very walls.

The exhibition at GGA Gallery, through the works of these and other artists, serves as a microcosm of the larger societal and cultural shifts occurring in Miami. Each piece not only stands as an artistic expression but also as a cultural artifact that influences and is influenced by the city’s multicultural, socio-political, and economic narratives. These artists contribute to a broader conversation about identity, community, and change, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of Miami itself. Their works foster appreciation and understanding of contemporary art and its power to address complex themes, making them vital to the cultural vibrancy and discourse of Miami.