Manolis Projects Miami Midtown: Guide to the Artistic Hub

Manolis Projects is the studio gallery of renowned abstract expressionist painter J. Steven Manolis.

It’s located in Miami’s Little Haiti and offers 5,000 square feet of space where you can see both his work and pieces from other celebrated artists.

This is one of the largest galleries in South Florida. If you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look at a working studio gallery, make sure to visit.

It’s a good idea to call ahead, as the gallery is open by appointment only on Saturdays and Sundays.

What Should You Know?

Manolis Projects Art Gallery in Miami

Manolis Projects is a top-tier art gallery in Miami, FL, specializing in large abstract art. It showcases works from well-known artists like Hunt Slonem and Wolf Kahn. The gallery is run by artist J. Steven Manolis and his wife, Myrthia Moore, and offers a rich experience for those passionate about fine art.

The gallery has partnered with Hyde Midtown Miami for various exhibitions, blending contemporary art with modern architecture. These collaborations provide unique experiences for visitors and contribute to Miami’s dynamic art scene.

Manolis Projects hosts a series of exciting events and exhibitions. Notably, the Miami Dreams event highlights Miami’s growth as an art hub during Miami Art Week 2023. The Underwater Worlds exhibition delves into oceanic mysteries and promotes awareness of Miami’s marine ecosystems.

Additionally, Manolis Projects offers private curation services for collectors, architects, and designers. This includes personalized art selections and insights into the workings of a studio gallery.

Overall, Manolis Projects in Miami Midtown is a celebrated spot for art lovers, featuring stunning artworks that enhance Miami’s cultural offerings. Its active participation in the local art community and captivating exhibitions establish it as a key venue in Miami’s art scene, making it a recommended visit for both locals and tourists.

Past Exhibitions

Manolis Projects Past Exhibitions

  1. In Your Mind, What Color Is Summer? (August 4 – 31, 2023) – This exhibition brought to life the vibrant colors and serene ambiance of summer through a collection of art that stimulates the senses and invites viewers to reflect on their personal summer memories.
  2. 247-HBA (June 28 – July 9, 2023) – Coinciding with America’s 247th birthday, this online exhibition showcased powerful interpretations of the American flag by immigrant artists, reflecting on the nation’s rich cultural tapestry and history.
  3. Underwater Worlds (June 8 – November 15, 2023) – A collaboration between Manolis Projects and Hyde Midtown Miami, this exhibition looked into the mysteries of the ocean through contemporary art, aiming to raise awareness of Miami’s critical marine ecosystems.
  4. MIAMI: PASTEL PARADISE (March 23 – October 30, 2023) – Presented by The Miami School, this juried exhibition featured works from Florida’s abstract expressionist artists, portraying the lush and vivid landscape of Miami through pastel hues.
  5. HYDE MIDTOWN (January 5 – June 3, 2023) – This exhibition features a dynamic mix of international street art and pop artists, showcasing contemporary art in a setting that blends well with the modern architectural backdrop of Hyde Midtown Miami.

What Does This Gallery Do?

Art Placement

Manolis Projects Studio Gallery Art Placement

Collaborating with Interior Designers, Art Buyers, and Real Estate Developers, the gallery assists in finding the perfect artwork to match any decor or size requirement.

Under the guidance of J. Steven Manolis, former Chairman of the Board of the National Academy of Design, they offer expertise in curating entire spaces or selecting individual pieces to harmonize designs.

Outdoor Art

For outdoor spaces like covered patios or yachts, Manolis Projects creates large, weather-resistant abstract paintings.

J. Steven Manolis specializes in producing vibrant artwork that can withstand heat and humidity, providing a colorful addition to outdoor settings.

The gallery also sources outdoor sculptures to suit specific size and taste preferences.

Design Trade Services

Manolis Projects Design Trade Services

Catering to architects and designers, Manolis Projects assists in curating art collections to enhance the desired ambiance.

With J. Steven Manolis at the helm, the gallery is renowned for its sophisticated curation services in luxury residential areas, offices, and condominium common spaces.

They offer a turnkey service, from procurement to installation, drawing from a wide selection of original works from various artists.

Commissioned Works

For a truly bespoke experience, Manolis Projects facilitates commissioned artworks for personal or business spaces, drawing inspiration from the vibrant art scene of Art Wynwood.

They collaborate with living artists to create custom paintings tailored to specific size and style requirements, ensuring each space receives a unique touch.