The Wall Art Gallery Miami: What Should You Know

The Wall Art Gallery in Miami (50 NW 27th St Miami, FL 33127) is a key location for art in the Wynwood neighborhood. Covering 4,000 square feet, this gallery is committed to hosting art exhibitions, artist commissions, and site-specific installations.

It’s positioned near Wynwood Walls, the Design District, and the Adrienne Arsht Center in Midtown, making it a hub for both international and local artists.

The gallery shines during Art Miami, an annual art fair from November to December, where it showcases a variety of artists, helping to boost their careers and influence the global art market.

Their Services Include

  • Art sales
  • Acquisition advice for individuals and corporations
  • Artist representation
  • Art collection building and management
  • Resale of select works of art
  • Worldwide shipping and handling
  • Appraisals
  • Certificates of authenticity
  • Artwork Installations

Past Exhibits

Hologram: The Whole Story’ Exhibition

The “Hologram: The Whole Story” exhibition, which ran from November 29, 2022, to February 13, 2023, showcased an eclectic mix of artworks by various artists. Notable works included Kiley Ames’ “Among Monkey’s” and “Glows with Light,” priced at $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

The exhibition also featured Juano Diaz’s culturally resonant pieces like “ANDY (FIVE MINUTES)” and “MADONNA (MANHATTAN MANIFESTATION),” each tagged at $2,500. Among the higher-priced pieces, Fabian Marcaccio’s “Technobrutalist Portrait” and Melvin Martinez’s “Caribbean Light” stood out, fetching $20,000 and $50,000.

This diverse collection attracted art enthusiasts (like us) eager to explore a range of expressions and narratives, making it a memorable event in the gallery’s calendar.

Deredia in Miami: A Sculptural Odyssey

The “Deredia in Miami” exhibition, running from October 12, 2022, to January 20, 2024, showcases a profound collection of sculptures by Jorge Jiménez Deredia.

The exhibit includes pivotal works such as “Arrullo” (2010), “Centinela” and “Crepúsculo” (both 2022), alongside earlier pieces like “El Alquimista” (2008).

Highlighting new additions such as “El Viaje” and “Génesis del Huevo” (2022), Deredia’s sculptures explore themes of transformation, memory, and human experience.

Works like “Génesis Canto a la Vida” and “Recuerdo Profundo” offer insights into life’s cyclical nature and our deep-seated connections to heritage and legacy.

Jorge Jiménez Deredia’s

From October 21 to December 2, 2022, the exhibition titled “Deredia and the Cosmic Mystery of Creation” showcased a remarkable collection of sculptures by Jorge Jiménez Deredia.

The artist’s work looked into themes of origin and cosmic energy, featuring pieces like “Añoranza” from 2019 and “Attimo” from 2017. Other notable sculptures included “Conciencia,” “Encanto,” and “Energía Atávica,” reflecting Deredia’s fascination with spiritual and metaphysical concepts.

His series titled “Génesis,” such as “Génesis Añoranza” and “Génesis de Viaje Interior,” particularly highlighted his exploration into the profound connections between human existence and universal energies.

Most Recent Art Fairs

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2024

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2024

  • Dates: March 21-24, 2024
  • Location: Palm Beach, FL
  • Highlight: This fair showcases a blend of modern and contemporary art. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those interested in the latest trends and traditional pieces from well-known and emerging artists.
  • Featured Artists: Notable artists include Yayoi Kusama, known for her immersive installations, and Robert Indiana, famous for his bold, iconic “LOVE” series. Other artists to watch include Daniel Anderson, Aurélien Couput, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alberto Echegaray Guevara (Cayman), Tatyana Murray, Charlotte Rose, Manolo Valdes, and Billy Zane.

Art Miami 2023

Art Miami 2023

  • Dates: December 5-10, 2023
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Highlight: Art Miami is one of the leading international contemporary art fairs. This year, it continues to feature a diverse array of artworks from top global artists and galleries.
  • Featured Artists: The lineup is impressive with talents like Jorge Jiménez Deredia, whose sculptures explore human and universal connections, and Takuma Tanaka, known for his thought-provoking conceptual pieces. Other featured artists include Daniel Anderson, Aurélien Couput, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alberto Echegaray Guevara (Cayman), Fabian Marcaccio, Tatyana Murray, Lindsey Nobel, Charlotte Rose, and Manolo Valdes.

Why Attend?

  • Both fairs offer unique opportunities to view and purchase exceptional artworks across a variety of media and styles.
  • Networking with artists, curators, and fellow art lovers provides deeper insights and can enhance your collection and appreciation of art.
  • Special events and installations at these fairs often offer a glimpse into the cutting-edge of the art world, making them a must-visit for anyone interested in the arts.