GGA Gallery – Current And Past Exhibitions

GGA gallery

The Goldman Global Arts Gallery, nestled within Wynwood Walls, displays works from over 100 leading global street artists. Co-founder Peter Tunney curates the collection, which includes current and former artists associated with Wynwood Walls, showcased through various solo and group exhibitions. Renowned artists such as Eduardo Kobra, VHILS, and Shepard Fairey have featured their work … Read more

Manolis Projects Miami Midtown: Guide to the Artistic Hub

Guide to The Vibrant Artistic Hub of Manolis Projects in Miami's Midtown

Manolis Projects is the studio gallery of renowned abstract expressionist painter J. Steven Manolis. It’s located in Miami’s Little Haiti and offers 5,000 square feet of space where you can see both his work and pieces from other celebrated artists. This is one of the largest galleries in South Florida. If you’re interested in a … Read more